Donat with its long-term experience in the trailer manufacturing industry and being one of the leading semitrailer manufacturers offers a comprehensive range of Trailers & Semi-Trailers such as:

Heavy duty lowbed semitrailers suitable for various industries including transporting of standard/normal and abnormal goods that are extremely heavy or unusually long, wide or high loads, wind power, energy industry, road and general construction, civil and military industries, mining and general freight industries;

Platform and flatbed semitrailers with or without sideboards mainly used for transportation of construction materials and extended loads, dry goods, different types of containers and suitable for all construction site transportation work;

Fuel and Gas Tanker semitrailers meeting ADR standards made from steel or aluminum for transporting gasoline, diesel, LPG and other dangerous and flammable petroleum products;

Dry-bulk semitrailers mainly used for cement and other dry-bulk materials such as fertilizers, ferronickel granules, corrosive solids and other dry chemicals;

Tipper semitrailers made for all-purpose transport solution for construction materials;

Tanker semitrailers with special purposes for transportation of bitumen and other oil products, different chemicals and acids, food stuff and etc.

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We guarantee quality by choosing best raw materials from trusted suppliers.

Best Price

We are committed to offer the best prices and the most cost-effective trailers to our clients.

Complete Solution

We are with you from engineering to manufacturing and up to delivering the trailers.

Exceptional Service

Quick response to your requests, helping to choose best solution for your needs, on time manufacturing, reporting on every step, on time delivery and remarkable after sales.


Based on the needs of our clients we are also offering used trailers and semi-trailers in very good condition.


We guarantee quality by choosing best raw materials from trusted suppliers.

No matter what your requirements are, we do all possible to meet your needs.

Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers by supplying quality, cost-effective and efficient trailers and providing complete solutions for before and after sales services including designing, engineering, manufacturing and safe delivery of trailers to their final destinations.
We have introduced numerous product improvements to meet custom-tailored demands of our customers and partners worldwide.

Donat’s strong dedication to quality and innovation and its commitment to help each individual customer to succeed leads more and more businesses to trust and rely on us and come back for further collaborations.

Donat’s exceptional and sensitive approach to the demands of customers makes difference in terms of reliable business relationships.