Semi Trailer manufacturing needs new technology, classified employees and good management. Donat Trailer gathers all these three principles during manufacturing of semi trailers. We manufacture and sell semi trailers to more than 35 countries in 4 continents.


Donat semi trailer manufacturing facility includes cutting and shaping of steel, welding with automated robots, sand blasting, metalisation and painting of Semi Trailers.


We lead with passion for innovation and quality. From design to the modern plant facilities and experienced team, we make sure that we deliver exactly what you order.


Accurate and sensitive selection of material and component suppliers, performing tests and quality controls on each and every step of production process enables us to minimize failure and finalize the process with a high-quality product.


Thanks to well-designed and reinforced chassis our semitrailers are perfect for bad road conditions. You may get the freight to its final destination even under difficult conditions.

Cutting and Shaping

Manufacturing process begins with the cutting of the steel plates that will form parts of the chassis and the cutting of the steel pieces that have been previously selected carefully by the engineering team for the structure of trailer or semitrailer. The operator is given a cut sheet and a cut quantity for each part.


All needed parts are cut by the computerized gas cutting machine or plasma cutting machine.These cut parts are bent accordingly and controlled carefully afterwards.


After gathering all needed parts together in desired shapes, the frames/main beams of the chassis are welded with automated robots. Automatization of the welding process enhances the welding quality.


With a robotic welding system, welded components can be processed between three to five times more efficiently than using manual welders.


Robots are capable of high-speed, consistent and reliable welding performance. Automated welding systems ensure weld integrity through electronic weld process controllers.

Metallization and Painting

After welding, it passes through high quality sand-blasting process up to SA 2 1⁄2 standard. Upon request 85% zinc rich metallization is applied. Metallization prolongs the life of the chassis.


Metallization is a very common coating process which is used to improve the resistance of material against corrosion, wear and fatigue. After metallization, epoxy primer and double line high quality paint according to customer request is applied to the trailer.

Assembly and Testing

During the assembly process, all parts are professionally mounted on the semi trailer.

Much attention is paid to this process.


After the semi trailers have been completely assembled, an extensive inspection is carried out for correct operation.