LPG Semi Trailer



Technical Data

Axles: Each has 9 tones loading capacity, drum brake, air suspension or mechanical suspension.

Brake System: Double line air brake system. In accordance to 71/320 EWG regulations, double circuit dry air pressure, (WABCO or KNORR BREMSE) TEBS Trailer Electronic Brake System.

Volumes: 36 m3…70 m3

Production Standards: ADR , EN 12493 , EN 14025

Material: P355 GH/NH/NL1,NL2 / P460 NH/NL1/NL2

Filling and Discharge System: Forced / EX PROOF Electric Motor / Hydrolic Motor

Welding Method: 121(SAW) / 111(SMAW) / 135(CMAW) / 141(GTAW)


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